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About Us

Welcome to Wood Culture's Online Experience!

A company created through an amalgamation of passions surrounding travel, creativity and a love for natural materials, Wood Culture was born out of our founder’s deep love,experience and appreciation of the makers of the timber industry. Backed by a constant need to pursue and expand beyond boundaries, the team started it's journey in 2018.



Travel, being an integral part of the Wood Culture DNA, has enabled us to expand beyond our local production in the UAE and also collaborate with artisans in the Far East and South America. Each craft and product line has been carefully handpicked by us from the artisans themselves in extraordinary places around the world brought to you through our online experience.


Resin Magic:
We also specialise in ecopoxy resin Tables, hybrid furniture made out of wooden slabs with resin of various colors. Containing resin ecopoxy in the middle that looks like a flowing river, these tables are modern yet traditional, adding a genuine splash of warmth and colour to your home atmosphere. We can customise the resin colours and mix with rare wooden slabs creating a completely bespoke experience for you and your home. To see some of our exclusive resin pieces, head over to our Made In Dubai section!


Underwater logging:
Proud to be the one of the only few teams in the world that seeks out logs which have been lying dormant underwater for decades - we bring them up to surface using a specialized squad of divers and equipment, converted them into beautiful one of a kind dining tables in Dubai with the help of our in-house carpenters. 





We make things for sitting in, eating on and resting in. We believe good design is integral to a satisfying space to call home. Having the ability to customize your furniture in Dubai,we create each piece with tradition and contemporary lifestyles in mind. Welcome to our online happyplace!





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