• Confused about Gifting Ideas this Eid?

    Eid al-Fitr is the celebration marking the end of Ramadan. It often involves family and friends coming together to celebrate and share delicious food. Here are five unique ideas for gifts for those closest to you:       1. Tekris fruit bowl Who doesn’t need a refresh of their fruit bowl? It’s ... View Post
  • How To Shop Sustainable Furniture

    In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we wanted to talk about sustainable furniture. We hear the term a lot but what exactly is sustainable furniture? When furniture is sustainable, it is ethically sourced and can be either continually reused or recycled to be used for another purpose. Essentiall... View Post
  • Easter Tablescape Design ideas!

    For your Easter tabescape you want to focus on the décor, crockery and greenery. It’s best to keep it rustic and simple as it allows you to scatter Easter eggs around to add that pop of colour and fun without making it too overwhelming. For the crockery, keep it modest and use plain white. This ... View Post