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Julian Castaldi is a British artist & photographer based in Dubai.
Julian left Wales in 1992 and headed to Los Angeles and immersed himself in the LA beach culture and music scene, photographing bands along the Sunset Strip and documenting scenes across America.

Photography, Art and design dominated the next 20 years working and touring with some of the worlds biggest acts, Julian has created art, design and photographed luminaries including John Malkovich, David Bailey, Stereophonics, Natalie Imbruglia, Oasis, Eddie Vedder, Paul Weller, Incubus, Tom Jones, Red Bull, Adidas, Yas Marina, V2 Records, F1, Oxfam, Urban Outfitters and many more.

He has exhibited artworks in Los Angeles, UK, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Paris with artworks and photography in many private collections and residencies around the world.