Winter With Wood Culture



How to get your Garden ready for Winter with Wood Culture!

Are you planning on making your garden the ultimate space for entertainment this winter? The months are flying past and before you know it, the winter months will be done so make sure you make the most of the outdoors. 
From garden furniture to creating a herb wall, impress your guests with personal touches and create a truly stunning space to relax when the sun is out.


Here are some Tips that our team have come up with:

 1. Use scatter cushions and rugs to bring the comfort of the home outside while you enjoy the sunshine and good company. You could also add some rattan baskets with some green plants to add life to any space. Check out our baskets here.




2. Don't forget to provide shade for those really hot days. Incorporate awnings or a garden parasol. if you're thinking long-term, build a pergola and train climbers up it to create some dappled shade. As experts in creating bespoke, made to measure items, the team at Wood Culture have the experience of creating most things outdoor.


3. Tidy up the garden by mowing and feeding the lawn and mulching the flower beds to cover up weeds. If you haven't got time to mow, use a strimmer to make sure the edges are tidy.


4. The furniture that you place in your garden is another important consideration. Garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from gorgeous wooden structures to simpler pieces constructed from wicker or rattan. Our team at Wood Culture make stunning bespoke furniture for outdoors so whatever your style or inspiration, let our team be part of creating your ideal outdoor space for entertaining.

Sneak peak of our custom furniture pieces made for this villa in Dubai Hills.


5. Add more colour and interest to your outdoor space by using garden planters and troughs. What’s the secret to a stunning garden pot? Mix and match plant heights, textures and colours. We can help you make bespoke planters or you can make use of our stunning fabric options, available online in our home decor collection.


Wishing you a happy holiday season!