• The Best Material to use to Create Outdoor furniture that lasts!

    Introducing: Rattan. Both sophisticated and elegant, rattan is sure to stay on trend for years to come. Don’t be fooled with its hardwood look, a benefit of this super lightweight material is that it can be easily lifted, meaning you can rearrange your outdoor setting as you please to refresh the space for each season. Adding to this, rattan is the quickest developing tropical wood which makes it a sustainable choice for your furniture needs! View Post
  • Top Interior trends to watch for 2022

    2021 was all about restructuring our living spaces to make way for our work spaces as our two worlds collided when many of us began to work from home. 2022 invites fresh pops of colour, statement lighting, textured furniture and focuses on sustainable pieces and practices. View Post
  • We Catch Up with Carly Neave

    One of the UAE’s most influential wellness, fitness and food bloggers, we have recently teamed up with British born Carly Neave to assist her with her latest project: the renovation of her new home in the Meadows, Dubai. Carly has worked with our team to hand pick and design a selection of our pi... View Post


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